August 18, 2010


a tanned girl wearing a pink top ...


Pru said...

OMG you're really running out of things to say. Ba3dein qala ta3ala followed directly by tanned girl??? the contradiction is amusing :P

I'm in Beirut and the weather is keeping me a prisoner! It's boring and I can't even go to the beach!

Do you watch any ramadan series? I like zohra and her 5 husbands..

Jundi said...

not really running out just bored with blogging .. i might be moving to a new job again so keep me in ur prayers i hope it works out :)

and there is no contradiction :p

i am watching ZERO ramadan series .. sometimes i catch buq3it doo2 on otv .. thats about it ..

Pru said...

A new job already? Why? aren't you happy with your current one? Stand in line for the prayers...saraha mish 3arfeh to pray lamin wela la min. This is a time of desperation and a time of truth!

I recommend zohra if for no other reason than watching Ghada 3abdel raze2...she's very I don't know attractive? I like her and the way she talks.

Jundi said...

well i am happy but i would be happier if i get this job :D

and i refuse to stand in line -_-

i also refuse to watch any arabic musalsalat -_-