March 18, 2008

Promiscuous Boy

a friend of mine recently started a petition on facebook to allow multiple relationships ... i will just quote him ...

Sick of the monogamistic paradigm pushed by the western world? Ready to stand up for our rights as human beings to retain multiple partners?

Who says it's impossible for it to "be complicated with" one girl and "in an open relationship with" another???
Or maybe you have the skills to maintain real loving relationships with the entire cheer squad at your school?
Apparently no one at Facebook has found themselves in that spot!

Maybe you're a one-man-one-woman fan, who recognizes the possibility of polygamy for others.

No matter your outlook on relationships, there is just no reason to allow Facebook to continue restricting our beliefs!

Tell your friends to join the cause! And soon, you won't have to choose WHICH of your girlfriends/boyfriends is the one you advertise on Facebook. You can be proud of them all!

now ... my first impression was that this is silly ... i'm gonna ignore it like i do all the other requests that i get ... but then i thought about it ... what about muslim guys who have more than one wife ... hmmm ... he may just be on to something here ...
so i ended up joining ... but i made him appoint me as an officer with the title "client number nine" ...


Iman said...

ahahaha!! silly people :P

Four wives? there are conditions to that though... ugh! we will discuss later :P

Jundi said...

hey ur preaching to the choir ..
one wife is more than enough for me ..

manutdfanatic said...

"One wife is more than enough for me.."

Go Jundi go! =P

Jundi said...

lol muf i didnt get your comment .. are u egging me on to have multiple wives or what?

manutdfanatic said...

Heck no!

I'm supporting your "one woman is enough" stance.

Better stick to it. Grrr. Multiple women means multiple trouble, if that's enough to scare you.

Jundi said...

ya thats exactly what scares me actually lol.
i mean yes the idea of being able to sleep with four different women is very appealing ..
but the idea of being married to four different women is a nightmare ..
its just not worth it :D