March 22, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!


Prudence said...

I fogot to call mom yesterday!! But I called her 2 days before yesterday and we talked a looong time so :S

I'm a mom myself, so thanks :)

Jundi said...

really, ur a mom? never knew that o_0
i kind of wondered about that since i know ur married and u mention your husband from time to time but u never mention "the kids".
well in that case, you're welcome :)
about not callin ur mom .. see but u said u called her 2 days earlier .. which means u dont need an occasion to call ur mom so ur good dont worry :)

anyway im glad u had a sense of humor about this post i was afraid ppl would get mad hehe :)

Prudence said...

Yes I have 2 kids; a boy and a girl!

I'm not a typical mother, most of the time I don't feel they're really MY kids, I feel they're my siblings or something hehe. I suppose i am too self absorbed to really take the mother role. My husband is the real parent in the family, I often feel that i'm burdening him and requiring as much of his attention as the kids..I can't help it tho :s

I don't have a sense of humor about these silly "quotes", I just did not notice them and thought they were innocent "happy mother's day" quotes lol..oh and shame on you :p

Jundi said...

a boy and a girl masha2alla .. Allah y5aleelik yahum .. 2u Allah y3een jozik :P

and they are not quotes .. they are actually t-shirts :D

Jundi said...

would you rather i post the youtube video of that spice girls song ... maaaaaaaaama i love you :p

Prudence said...

yes I'd much rather you do that :p