March 19, 2008

Get In My Belly

i had a job interview today ... so i wore my spiffy interview clothes ... i bought my spiffy interview clothes over a year ago ... i think it was approximately a year and a half ago ...

so as i was saying i had an interview today ... and so i put my interview clothes on ... it was a real struggle putting the pants on ... now ... i distinctly remember that when i bought these pants not only could i tuck my shirt in ... i also needed a belt to keep them from falling down ... but today i couldn't tuck the shirt in ... and i certainly didn't need a belt ...

now ... when i bought those pants i was still a fresh graduate ... and i know there is no way i can ever go back to being as thin as i was back then ... i was really thin back then ... the result of four years of being a broke college student ... there were times when i would go for two days without a meal ... even on normal days when i did have money ... i would usually eat only one meal a day ... so those days are gone forever ...

then again ... i'm told some girls like the karsh ... i always thought that all girls want a guy with six pack abs but apparently that's not the case ... the other day one of my friends was telling me about how she likes guys who have a karsh ... because she likes to rest her head on it ... but she said it has to be a tight karsh, not a flabby one ...

now it's time for the blubba
to watch that belly get fatta
fat boy on a diet
don't try it
i jack yo ass like a loota in a riot
my shit's fat
like a sumo
slammin that ass
leavin yo face in the grass


Prudence said...

There is no such thing as "no belt", you can't wear a suit without a belt even if you were the fattest guy on earth, can you??

I hate the karsh! Ino if it's a very small one that does not bulge out then might be acceptible but a big round one is an absolute nono..and don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;)

Hope the interview went fine :)

Iman said...

umm..tight karsh? keef hay sarat? :D

I prefer a six pack - rugged looking man!! :D

hope you did well on your interview

Jundi said...

pru .. who said i was wearing a suit o_0
and you say you hate the karsh .. but do you really mean it :p

iman .. u know i asked her that same q :D

and the interview went fine :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know..I find men with a "little" kirch to be lovable, with nice sense of humor and down to earth..while the six pack guys are a bit to the arrogant side with an attitude..
Anyways, you started with I had a job interview and you didn't say how it was. Did you burp ??

Jundi said...

lool no i didnt burp thank god .. the interview went fine and the interviewer gave me some homework to do .. inshala it goes well :)

id3ooli :)

manutdfanatic said...

Hmmmm...I think I know where your friend who said she likes it is coming from.

I don't really blame her. Besides, what Noura said holds true too. Mostly.