April 6, 2012

cars and nostalgia

so my car is in the shop ... going to be there for a while so i rented a car .. it has that new car smell because well it's a new car .. so now every time i drive it .. i come out smelling like new car .. which i consider an offensive odor .. so that sucks .. on the other hand .. i usually listen to my ipod when i drive .. i have one of those car kits where it's a cassette with a headphone jack coming out of it .. but the car i'm renting doesn't have a cassette deck .. it only has a cd player .. so i got out my cd folder .. more like dug it out .. oh the dust on that thing .. anyway as i looked through the museum that is my ancient cd collection .. god when was the last time i bought a cd .. anyway .. so i'm looking through the folder and i find all these mix cd's i made back in college .. i was like sweet let's listen to this shit .. i've listened to about three of them so far .. wonderful memories .. also a lot of love songs .. i had such passion back then .. now i'm dead inside ..

April 4, 2012


it's been a while .. but i'm back ..

March 6, 2012

everyone's dying to know

some ad that showed up on my facebook sidebar ...

March 3, 2012

martha marcy may marlene

i've seen four movies over the past few weeks .. and this was the best one so i won't talk about the others .. although tintin wasn't that bad .. so martha marcy may marlene .. this is one dark movie despite what the name might suggest .. elizabeth olsen plays a troubled young girl who escapes from a cult and goes to live with her sister and her husband .. she is haunted by her past and afraid that they will come for her .. in other words she is a mess .. of course this means that she has trouble adjusting to life in the real world .. so basically the movie goes from scenes with elizabeth at her new home .. and scenes of her back when she was still with the cult .. and the ending .. well let's just say it's "unusual" ..

March 1, 2012

the syrian revolution

the united states wants to give weapons to an arab militant group .. has the world gone mad ..